Who are we?

The Cocktail – Think Design, is a company with active domain in Design Consulting & Design Integration, multi and interdisciplinary, always putting people at the center of the development of their projects.

In Cocktail, we understand that today the word that clients use to request what satisfies their needs or desires, become the most important asset. Even in the case of an intangible asset, can be as or more valuable than production infrastructures and process technologies. Without it practitioners could not ask for or recommend the product or service you offer them.

So in this environment that plays live believe it is absolutely crucial to be the owner of a word that identifies us, differentially and preferred, for others who offer something the same or similar, and that, moreover, allows us to be the first option on the list of potential customers who want to attract.

That's the mark. A magic reference that puts and keeps in contact giver and anyone who asks. It's the hook that our action among the minds of others.

For us, creating a brand is no longer just a game based on a combination of letters, syllables or words and a range of colors. It does lack something more to build and maintain brands in customers' minds.

We know that a competitive strategy is necessary, careful planning oriented to design, build, maintain and remodel the brand in the minds of customers and prescribers. This is not only to be remembered and desirable but also more attractive than all others offering a similar benefit to these same customers.

It is necessary to devise a competitive strategy that gives advantages to customers and which integrate all activities of the company or institution. It is necessary to capture minds to conquer markets.

What we believe

In people

We believe in people as the center of attention.

These are the essential element of every project, the pillar, the beam, the focus, the representative of the central need.

It is they who make up the purpose of life in a particular environment - in time and space.

For us, in a sustained manner, and always with a utility purpose, the design requires an overall basic responsibility: know-how, working people's lives.

In work

We believe the application of a selective and focused effort that translates into constant desire to exceed expectations, as well as in fulfilling the objectives.

Based on a projectual culture, we aim to always find the most innovative solution, through a careful methodology, consistent planning, based on valid, integrity and ... ideas, of course, feasible.

We approach the whole issue holistically in each different context, in order to acquire a more empathic and desirable point of view by all stakeholders in the process.

We do not believe in any solution, but ... at that solution. One that reflects the experience, rigor and knowledge. One that serves to solving the real problem.

In results

In COCKTAIL, the results do not happen by chance.

They happen because all players played successfully their duties ... because everyone believed.

They happen because they are the culmination of a systemic plan, where all steps were deliniadas in line and applied the estimated due time.


  • “It is great to work with Cocktail because always manage to surprise me and prove that even with a small budget you can do great things. The image Imoving is refreshed with original ideas that help differentiate the company within an industry like ours, where there is so much competition! Thanks.”

    Rita Sena, Imoving