Design Thinking

We approach all issues related to the acquisition of information, knowledge, analysis and proposal of solutions with a strategy able to combine empathy in a given context, always putting the People in the center of each project.

Based on a projectual culture, we aim to always find the most innovative solution, through a careful methodology, consistent planning, based on valid ideas, integrity and…, of course, feasible.

Sketchbook Design Thinking Cocktail Methodology

Design Process…

The COCKTAIL is ruled by a set of basic guidelines to support the effective development of a project. The process may have greater or lesser complexity, and should therefore be understood as a likely basis guidance to be adapted to the specific circumstances of each project.

In the context of an employment relationship between COCKTAIL and the COSTUMER, it matters that it develops in accordance with a procedure that both know and dominate.

In this sense, COCKTAIL want to support the construction of these relations, so necessary for the progress of the business. Clearly and objectively, demystifying the process of developing a product or service, this section describes the basic procedure and, in parallel, provides guidance on the various initiatives implied.

It is imperative that both parties truly master the basic methodology development of a project. If both hands have an exact notion of the role that falls to them play in every moment of this process will be effectively that will achieve the objectives that are proposed.

Making an analogy, it is intended that the COCKTAIL and the COSTUMER, knowing that go from A to B, know a priori the course that will meet on this trip. At each stage of this course there may be several obstacles, however both parties will have the exact notion of milestones and the goal to achieve. Tracing these goals and objectives at the outset of the relationship is so extremely important.

Project schema Design Process Cocktail Methodology